China-slovakia Economic & Cultural Exchange Promotion Association

Culture & Sport

Our civic association is the organizer of many cultural and artistic events at which Chinese and Slovak culture is presented. We organize concerts, exhibitions, performances and bring the opportunity to take a closer look and get to know the cultural beauties of both countries.


We connect partners from both countries in mutual meetings and opportunities to learn about investment opportunities or get acquainted with news in various fields.

Research & Development

We help integrate research and development into various technologies and business strategies. We help partners find suitable opportunities in the development of research.


The transfer of knowledge and skills is a cornerstone of successful progress, which is why we are helping to mediate opportunities in expanding education and assistance in desirable areas for both countries.


China-slovakia Economic & Cultural Exchange Promotion Association is a civic association that was established on November 19, 2008 in order to create opportunities for cooperation for the People ‘s Republic of China and the Slovak Republic. Our task is to connect the fields of culture and sports, economics, research, education of these two countries. We create space for partners from both countries for their mutual meetings and opportunities for mutual cooperation. We also connect these two countries through cultural, artistic events, where we try to bring closer the beauty of both cultures and their customs. Through our long-term work between Slovak and Chinese partners, we are constantly building and creating new friendships, deepening trust and raising awareness not only of culture and customs but also of inventions, technologies and innovations. Through our activities, we strive to strengthen mutual relations and we believe that our work will continue to bring successful cooperation and deepen relations between our countries.

As part of our activities, we cooperate with the Confucius Institute in Bratislava and the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Slovakia.


In our gallery we bring you photos and videos from cultural events that we have organized.


Exhibition of one of the largest Chinese monuments for the first time in Slovakia.



Tel : +421 911 539 990

Address : Kováčska 6, 831 04 Bratislava

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